The Family

A true passion for welcome and hospitality

The Fiorini Family

The B&B Le Fiorini is the grandma Giovanna's old now renewed home. Within the family it was called "la casa di Blacco" (the house of Blacco), that's the name of this area, at about 6 km from Gargnano in the Sasso hamlet, at an altitude of 550 meters. In the 60s this place was also assigned to summer camp and had always been the meeting point of the Fiorini sisters, of the families and many grandchildren who meet again here every year to spend their summer holidays together. Today we'd like to offer our guests the same tranquil and homey place surrounded by the chestnut groves in the hinterland of the Alto Garda Bresciano Park.


I'm Alessandra and with the help of my husband Enrico and our children I run the B&B Le Fiorini. We'd like that our guests benefit of a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere during their stay. For us it's important to understand how to make your holiday in our house an unique experience.